The Resting Place

Some days, I literally want a plane to fly down, swoop me up, fly me to a beautiful place and drop me off for a day or two. A place where no one knows my name and no demands await me. A place where I can exhale and rejuvenate. I wasn’t going to write a devotion today but God had to remind me of “my resting place” and that is, IN HIM. That is WRITING ABOUT HIM. God also reminded me that I don’t need to go to some beautiful place and find rest because REST IS WITH ME ALWAYS and that is HIM. So today, I detached being overwhelmed from demands to deliver this devotion to you. You may be stretched beyond your ability right now. You may have demands screaming at you from every way. Take time to STOP and let God lead you into A RESTING PLACE IN HIM. Breathe. Know that you are only one person with two hands and two feet. You can’t do everything. You can’t please everybody. But do perform the best that you can. God is good with that and you should be, too. Knowing this helps you to find rest and rejuvenation. Father, thank You, for providing a resting place in You where I can silence the screams of demands. Thank You for Your Peace that calms the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

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