Let the Light of Christ Shine

One day, while going through a deep depression stage in my life, I recall my mom coming to my home to see about me. It was so dark in the house that she was literally running into stuff. She finally made her way to the windows opening up all of the curtains and blinds so that the light would shine in. She told me, “Stop laying up here in the dark and get you some sunshine! Darkness is the devil! Get up from here!” Then along came a lady that I call, “Momma D” who told me something similar. Now that I look back on what they said, I can honestly admit that I am happy I followed their advice. I did need sunshine. I did need light. And I found HIM. It was Christ! And now that I have let His Light in, I have no intentions on letting anyone or anything dim His Light that shines within me! Some say my light is too bright. Some say my joy is too much or not real. Some mustake my joy for flirtation. But I am so glad that God did not say that! When others don’t know your story they won’t really understand your joy. But let it shine! God doesn’t hide us so why hide Him? Christ says, “You are the light of the world – like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14).

-Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

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