Praise Him!

Sometimes, while at my desk, I just break out in the song. It isn’t so pleasant to my coworkers but I know God smiles. My noise is joyful to Him! One of my coworkers asked me one day, “Why do you that?” I told her that when I feel anything that is not of God come up on me, I break out in a song of praise to the Lord….and the devil flees! I do the same at home. I don’t know what lies the devil is trying to whisper in your ear on today, but shout some praise to God back at him! You may sound like a wounded whale but praise Him anyway. If you have to hum then go ahead and be a sweet little hummingbird. If you have to do a praise dance, then go ahead and put Kirk Franklin to shame. Just give God some praise and watch the devil flee! The devil is a liar and God is Truth. God says you are chosen, you are loved and you can do all things through Christ. “Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs. Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His; we are His people, the sheep of His pasture” (Psalm 100:2-3).

-Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

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