When Life Moves Too Fast

Lately, it has felt that my life has been moving way past full speed and my body has been lagging behind. It’s hard to keep up with every day, everybody and everything! Have you felt that way lately? Do you feel that way TODAY? In life’s fast pace mode, we quickly become overwhelmed, irritated, frustrated, and exhausted. Let’s take time today to pray for the Lord to show us how to walk at the pace of Jesus. To remind us that our souls are made to find rest in Him and not in worry. To teach us the voice of Our Father so that we can move to the rhythm of grace. To give us courage to define healthy boundaries and become people with a strong NO and a thoughtful YES. To encourage us when we grow impatient. To comfort us when we grow weary. And to slow us down in His Presence.

-Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

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