Pray for Our Children

This age is becoming more and more godless by the hour. As a Christian mom, I am often concerned about all five of my children. The philosophy of the devil, which is “do as you please”, is being exercised everywhere. God has been taken out of many school systems. God, religion and the Bible is being laughed at. Sex, sin, crime, drugs and alcohol are flaunted all over TV, radio and social media. Children are enticed by these things. Crime is exploited all over the news and in newspapers and to our young people, this has become glamorous. In these times, children need all of the positive influence they can get. They need both mom and dad’s encouragement, love, support and positivity. If you are in a relationship or marriage with someone, and he/she has children by someone else, don’t be BITTER and be a DISCOURAGER, be BETTER and be an ENCOURAGER. I have been there and God changed my heart so that I could be the GREAT ENCOURAGER that I am now. We should want the same for other children as we do our own. Take time with your children. Teach them moral spiritual disciplines of life. Be a good example for them. Plan activities with them. As a single mom, I have become creative by finding AFFORDABLE things to do with my children. Lovingly discipline your children. Pray for Christian and positive influences to come into their lives. And most importantly – TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO know God and bring them up in the church. Get them in the habit of going to church each Sunday, praying daily and saying grace. This is quite a task for me when dealing with my children but I won’t stop. And my kids know that I DON’T STOP. Their attitudes sometimes punch me like Mike Tyson but I STILL DON’T STOP. The best way to influence your children to model a great example for them. Let them see you putting God first in all that you do and the way in which you act. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

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