Focus on How God Sees You

Stacy Lynn’s Devotion for 11/07/2019:

What others see in you may make you feel unloved, rejected and worthless. I know this because I, myself, have felt like dog poo on the bottom of someone’s shoe all because I was too focused on what others saw in me. Often times, what others see in you is what lies within them, but it’s easier for them to cast that sight on you rather than admit that it lies within themselves. I indulged in God’s Word and gained the knowledge and wisdom of knowing who I am and how God sees me! God sees the BEST in you even when you feel or have done the WORST. In the Bible, many saw Sarah as a woman who was barren but God saw Sarah as the mother of all nations. Many saw David as a young shepherd who was very poor but God saw David as Israel’s mighty king. Many saw Joseph as a poor prisoner but God saw Joseph as a powerful Minister of Egypt. God sees much value in you! “Look at the birds. They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to Him than any birds” (Luke 12:24).

-Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

2 thoughts on “Focus on How God Sees You”

  1. Excellent post, Stacy. I love how you bring out how God saw many of the Bible figures. Great insight! I would add also that many saw David as just a young lad and possibly puny. But God saw him as a giant of faith able to slay the giant Goliath, and that means we can too!

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