What’s That Stinky Smell?

Stacy Lynn’s Devotion for 11/12/2019:

Skunks can spray for a distance up to ten feet and their odor can be smelled up to almost three miles! Skunks have a stench that just can’t be overlooked. What is that stinky smell in your life? Is it that sin that you allow to hold you in bondage? Our sin creates a stinky smell that is very difficult to be overlooked by the Lord. God basically told Israel that they stunk in Jeremiah 5. He told them, “Your wrongdoings have kept these (blessings) away; your sins have deprived you of good” (Jeremiah 5:25). In other words, their sin blocked them from the blessings of God. God hates sin because it corrupts, damages and destroys us. He has no intention on rewarding us for our sin when we know better. God wants to give us blessings but many of us choose the evil path that looks easy and fun, rather than doing good. This is why God allows us to reap the unpleasant consequences of our choices and actions when we do so. If He didn’t, many of us would continue to do what is hateful and indecent. If we continue to do what is not pleasing in the eyes of God, He will allow us to have what we want; however, none of us will enjoy what we will get! Sin smells bad to God and it smells bad to us as well. You can’t get over this stinky smell by covering it up; you have to wash it away by coming to Jesus. Make Him the Lord and Master of your life. Commit to practicing righteousness rather than sin. So take a sniff at your life right now. Does it stink?

-Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

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