Are You Going Hard for Jesus?

Many of us go hard for the things we want. That mate. That job so we can get money to get that house, car, clothes or shoes, to pay bills and to take that vacation. We go hard for our children and/or grandchildren. We go hard for everything that can disappear from our lives within a blink of an eye. But do we go hard for Jesus? I am not talking about going to church every Sunday and Bible Study every week. We can play the part when we are at church but outside of church, are you going hard for Jesus? Do our actions reflect Him? What about our speech? Do our words reflect Him? How are we treating people these days? Do we smile in their faces and take out a knife when they turn their backs? What about our children? Are we doing all that you can to lead them to Christ?

Take a moment and reflect on your life right now. Are you going hard for Jesus?

-Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

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