Give Them Jesus

I can remember my mom taking me to my kindergarten graduation. She took me to cheerleading dance events at high school. She took me to all of my honor banquets. She and my dad took me on trips out of the state, swimming at my favorite lake several times during the summer, and numerous family cookouts. More importantly, my mom ALWAYS took to me to church. Out of all the places I have gone, I am more grateful for my mom taking me to church. Now that I am older with children, I understand why. She allowed God’s Word to plant a seed inside of me at a young age. I rebelled for so many years. But because of the seed of God’s Word that was planted inside of me when I was young, I couldn’t stay away. God kept tugging on my heart in so many situations and experiences. I knew where my True Help came from. So like the prodigal son, I returned. Today, I am grateful for my mom always taking me to church when I was younger. I am grateful for those early morning Sunday School classes, Wednesday night bible studies, summer vacation bible schools, and every other church event that I attended. Psalm 23 was embedded in my spirit at a young age and now that I am older and understand it clearly – I am thankful that the Lord is My Shepherd. That seed that was planted in me has now grown into strength and beauty. Because the Lord is My Shepherd, I endured and persevered through so much. It is so important to plant the seed of God’s Word in your children when they are young. They may not understand it then, oh but later, they will! It’s good to give your children money and take them shopping. It’s good to make sure they are involved in every extracurricular activity and/or sporting events. It’s good to take them on vacations around the world. But it is FAR GREATER to take them to church! It is FAR GREATER to give them JESUS!

1 thought on “Give Them Jesus”

  1. Thanks for the encouraging post. God’s word sowed in hearts will bear fruit in due time. I know many who have walked away from the faith taught to them in their youth. The Word of God is still in their hearts even if they try to ignore it.


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