When it comes to change, make sure you are doing it for yourself. There is really no need to boast about it verbally or boast about it on social media. If change is something that you are truly pursuing, I doubt that social media will even get most of your time. The thing about change is that you should be doing it for yourself and not others. Architects have a set design that they follow in order to build homes and businesses. Without that design, things can go wrong. Well, in order for you to build positive change in your life, you should follow God’s design. It’s a design that is stable and strong. It won’t be blown down by the wind of people’s opinion. It’s a design that will shine brightly so there will be no need to even boast about it. If you need to make a change, don’t waste time saying you are about to do it and listing details every step of the way. Sometimes, God wants to deal with you one on one. Let Him Everybody don’t need to know what your plans are. Just as there are those who pray for your success, there are those who pray for your downfall.

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