God’s Love and Security

When my children were small, I often played a game on the bed with them where they would sit on the edge of the bed, fall back and I would catch them. When the game would be longer over with and I would be steps from the bed, they would still fall back. Why do you think they did this? Well, they KNEW that Mommy would catch them. Why? They KNEW Mommy loved them and Mommy’s love would protect them. They KNEW Mommy’s love was security. That love and security that came from me made them some brave children! God’s love and security should make us all brave children. He watches over us day and night.. We can run to Him at any time. His arms are like the 7-Eleven stores – they are always open! We must come to a place where we KNOW that God loves us and KNOW that there is security in His love for us.

-Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

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