Don’t Give Up

Since the pandemic emerged, many children are participating in distant learning. I have three children that I have to come home to after work and oversee their learning. Some days, I just want to come home, shower and go to bed because I am mentally and physically drained or I want to give up because impatience creeps up on me. If I give up, my children will fall behind or fail. So I persevere with every ounce of energy that remains in me. My walk with the Lord is similar. I get weary. I get tired. I get impatient. I even get frustrated. But I don’t quit! I can’t quit because I will fall to the waistside. But I can rest. Jesus even rested. So I tell you on tonight, the journey may become weary and you may feel pulled down. Rest if you must but don’t you quit. Keep persevering in what is right.

-Author Stacy Lynn Montgomery

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